Happy Holidays and Abundant Gratitude!! Would You Become an Art Patron for Shanna T. Melton?


This year will soon become a complete chapter that we can give thanks for and learn lessons from as the new year falls into place. We will reflect on the bad and give thanks for the good. We will commit to a fresh beginning by setting goals and charting our success. We will measure our commitment by how long we last before we skip a day, week or a few months. I was once told that our mistakes do not determine our failure, our lack of resilience is what determines our failure. It is when we are unwilling to try that we fail. It is when we do not stand up and use the strength in our arms, legs, eyes, voice and spirit to press into our passion that we then fail. I wake up each day like it is a new year. The first thing on my to-do list is to make the to-do list and the simple to the most complex of my tasks are listed and checked throughout the day. This is so that the hours do not pass and the days do not fade without my effort to make them productive. I only have this one life, this one body, this one heart to use toward manifesting my legacy and I have to do my best to see it come to fruition. I am human and humanity is imperfect, but I am perfectly imperfect and thank God for that!

Over the past few years I’ve performed my poetry, exhibited my paintings, spoken on panels, facilitated workshops, become producer and director of productions that I've written and gratefully accepted honors and awards. Over the past few years I’ve buried some of the people I’ve loved the most, mourned and walked in their light. You are someone who witnessed that on some level. You were in an audience, you visited an exhibit, attended a conference or simply stopped me to affirm my calling toward creativity. People who care for me call me resilient and maybe I am if resilience is a faith walk. I am purely living on the faith that my art is why I exist and the belief that It can carry me into the safest places that my mind needs to go and pour out this creativity. I do so with the intention that there will be nothing left behind on that day when I am no longer able to do this work.

It is my vision for 2019 to complete the ideas that I have on my to-do list. I would like to have a writing conference, complete a new collection of poems and essays, have a solo art exhibit and travel to other states and/or countries with The Writer’s Group and my art. Being a full time artist has humbled me in numerous ways. The two most obvious are realizing that I am making an impact on others and learning how to allow others to support me while accepting it with the confidence that it is what I deserve.

I am asking you, with a humble heart to be in support of me. I am asking you to do so in ways that you might think are small but are truly gifts or ways that are enormous. You might think it is small to share my art with someone you know but that is not small. You are letting someone, who I do not have access to, know that I am here and working on my craft. You might think it is small to share my art on your Facebook page or hang a painting up in your office but that is not small. You never know who will see it and find inspiration or decide that they want a painting to hang in their own office or home. Another effort would be to book me or suggest places where I can perform or exhibit my work. If you have a space or know someone who does, it would be a gift if you could create a connection and expand my network. These offerings are free and priceless. Another way to be in support of my efforts and vision is to sow into my life with by becoming an Artist Patron. It will help me pay my living expenses and allow me to invest in my craft. It will get canvas, paint and assist in my travels to perform. Most importantly, it will allow me time to concentrate on my work without having to worry about working towards something other than putting my art and writing into the world and helping others do the same.

Artist Patrons can send support via PayPal to shatamel@gmail.com

(Please include your address as I plan to send a small creative token of appreciation in return.)

There are multiple ways to share my art. The links are listed below…

Website: www.PoeticSoulArts.net

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/shatamel

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/PoeticSoulArts

“Unraveling My Thoughts” is a collection of poetry that I’ve written which can be acquired on Amazon.com. Please take a minute to view and share it with your friends and family. It is a wonderful holiday gift.


Please visit and share my shop on RedBubble.com where you can purchase clothing, mugs, tapestries, phone and tablet covers among many other useful items.


You can also attend or share information about The Writer’s Group with Shanna T. Melton.

We gather on the first and second Saturday of each month at City Lights Gallery, 265 Golden Hill St., Bridgeport, CT. We also gather at The New Canaan Library, 151 Main St, New Canaan, CT 06840. I am interested in booking this gathering in locations throughout Connecticut and beyond. The proposal will be sent to you by request.

New Canaan Library Registration for The Writer’s Group with Shanna T. Melton: https://newcanaanlibrary.org/event/the-writers-group-with-shanna-melton-2018-12-18/2018-12-18/

City Lights Gallery website link: http://www.citylightsgallery.org/

The Writer’s Group with Shanna T. Melton Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/764374100315624/

Thank you again for your time and your support. I hope to see you at upcoming events as it will allow us to enhance our connection and support each other over time. Happy Holidays to you and your families. May 2019 be full of love and light as you deserve all that you can absorb.


Shanna T. Melton

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