Picking Poems.Picking Flowers

Picking Poems.Picking Flowers

Walking into creative spaces fills my body, breath and spirit with adrenaline. My eyes widen and the insurmountable number of possibilities cause me to breathe deep and exhale. This experience mimics the one that I have when I am in a poetry venue choosing a poem. The space presents so many possibilities for the experience that I will create.

When picking flowers, I consider the person that will receive them. Some people are red roses, others are tulips, some only need carnations. The recipient will honor their flower with the same grace as the other because they match in energetic tone. I know one person will be fine when the rose dies in a week and another person will be devastated and let it dry out so it can sit on a shelf indefinitely. Then there are the people who need a house plant to grow roots and wrap it's stems around things. They need Ivy. I take time and full inventory of the the person and their home and make an educated guess about what will exist to its fullest potential in that space.

The same consideration goes into play when I choose which poems I'll share. It is difficult to plan what I will read ahead of time. What I am feeling in the privacy of my home is most times different than the energy in the room. Sometimes people need fire and other times they need water. I have to measure where I am in that space and make sure that what I share will bloom in that room. If it will settle at the bottom of their conscience and rock their perception. If I can find my God space and deliver it with the passion I used to create it.

Every artist needs to find a level of empathy from which their creativity can grow if they wish to connect with other humans being. Yes, humans being. Being alive, in love, in mourning, praise, heart broken, awe, silence, liberation. If there is to be a connection with humans who are being you have to tap into their experience and speak from a place of knowing, understanding, or a genuine desire to be in tune.

Find your level and bloom.

~Shanna T. Melton

Poetic Soul Arts

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