All Rights Reserved © 2015 By Shanna Melton

I gave myself a deadline while publishing this book and if you have ever self published you know that there is a point when you don't have as much control as you intended starting out because you suddenly have to wait for people and robots and approval from the company you are working with. You have to hold on and find out that humans have given full control to machines and you get a real idea on how long twenty four hours really is, it is really long. That did not go well with my deadline. I took a minute to compose myself, do some laundry, and I ran into one of my neighbors. She must have seen all of the confusion on my face and asked if I was alright and I spilled all of the process and concerns and deadlines and determination and vulnerability I was feeling all over the place and she just looked at me and said, "It must be good. You must be getting ready to bless somebody." I looked at her in a way that felt curious and asked, "What?" She replied, "Well, the enemy tries to stop good work. He needs to get in the way of blessings when they are going to bring about positive change. Look at him, all in the way! Don't let him win Shanna." Then she prayed for me. I went back into my apartment and made sure he lost.
I have so many reasons for wanting this book in the world right now and I will tell you all of them very soon. Thank you all for supporting my poetry all these years and for purchasing my book now. It means more than you know.
Much Love.
Shanna Tanika Melton
Poetic Soul Arts